Wk 1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

After the first day of class, I bought my supplies for the plaster casting activity and headed to Newport Beach with some friends to work on the activity. I have never done a plaster casting activity before, so I was excited to try it out. The activity process was fairly easy. I dug a small hole and stuck my foot inside for the mold as my friend gathered wet sand to fill in. At that point, I wished I used my hand instead to make a mold because my feet were getting really cold. Then, I carefully took my foot out and proceeded to make the plaster. Once I poured the plaster into the mold, my friends and I waited and talked for around 30 minutes before taking the casting out. The sun was setting, which was very therapeutic and beautiful, but we were freezing. Eventually, time was up and it was time to take the casting out of the sand. I carefully dug out the casting with my shovel because I was worried to break the casting. Once I got the casting out of the sand, I was surprised to see the results because I was not expecting the casting to look like that! I thought it was going to turn out ugly or just a plain casting without any prints mostly because I thought the wet sand collapsed once I took my foot out the mold. However, it was fascinating to see how my foot was outlined! You could see the shape of my foot along with my toes and toenail. I would definitely try this project out again if I could, but maybe making a casting of something else such as a flower. The possible objects that can be made through this plaster casting activity is endless.


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