Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation – Bernadette Villena & Alexandria Sandoval


For this week’s classmate conversation, I got to meet Bernadette and Alexandria (Alex)! I was talking to Bernadette at first, then Alex came and joined us. Bernadette is currently a pre-nursing major, just like me, but she is a second year. She’s finishing her last prerequisite and will be applying to nursing programs next semester! I wish her all the luck and hope that she gets into the nursing program here at Long Beach or wherever she applies. Alex is a kinesiology exercise science major and aims to be a physical therapist when she grows up. We discussed what made us want to have a career in the medical field, and I said that besides the fact that I want to help patients, the TV show Grey’s Anatomy really interested me to be a part of the medical field. Turns out, the three of us love that show! We talked about how the show has made us cry in almost every episode and how it takes dedication to catch up to its current season (season 13). Also, they should just change the setting of the show to Heaven because someone always dies. Regardless, Grey’s Anatomy is an amazing show, and I recommended for everyone to watch it. After, we discussed our schedules and found out that we are all taking Human Anatomy with Gardner! Although we’re not all in the same lecture class, we talked about how stressful the class is and how heavy the workload is, especially for lab. Thankfully, Gardener makes the lectures entertaining so that we stay awake. Hopefully we make it through Anatomy and pass the class!

Bernadette: https://bernadetteavillena.wordpress.com/

Alexandria: https://simplyyalexx.wordpress.com/


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