Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation -Colene Encarnado


For this week’s class, I got to meet Colene Encarnado! Looking for someone to do the classmate conversation with, I approached Colene, who was very sweet, and we explored the art galleries together. Colene is from LA and is a second year. She is pursuing a degree in Psychology. She’s not quite sure what career she wants to have, but a few of her options are marriage counseling, research, or therapy. Colene used to be pre-nursing, but switched to Psych. Once she finishes gets her degree in Psych, she might want to go back to nursing and become a nurse for mental health. One of the classes she is taking for psychology degree is neuroscience, which sounds very interesting to learn about. Colene is currently working as a student assistant in the foundations building at school. She used to work at a movie theater, the bowling alley at the USU, and at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as a wizard! I’ve only been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter once, but it was awesome. The butter beer is super tasty, and the park itself definitely makes you feel like you are in Hogwarts. After our conversation, we took our picture in front of the beautiful art work of Mimi. It was a pleasure to meet Colene this week!

Colene’s blog : https://colenee.wordpress.com/



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