Wk 4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


For the Art Care Package activity, I enjoyed looking through old items I had kept in my own box of ephemera. I will be sending this box of ephemera to my boyfriend, so I tried to choose the most meaningful objects concerning our relationship to place in the box.

  1. Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat through the memory you are sending. In an ACP, you are sending someone memorabilia from a certain time and place, which are usually thrown out after its use. Whereas in Snapchat, you send a photo or video for a certain moment which only lasts a few seconds. In essence, you are sending memories from moments that do not last a long time.
  2. Sending an ACP is different from sending a Snapchat due to the time. When you send an ACP through the mail, it can take a couple of days until the person you send it to actually receives the package. With Snapchat, the person can receive the picture within seconds. In addition, with an ACP you may keep the items in the ACP for however long you wish, but Snapchat pictures and videos only last for a couple of seconds.
  3. I think ephemera is precious. I have my own box of ephemera at home. I like to believe that ephemera gains value over time. It is nice to look back at an item and think about what was happening at that time in your life. You think about who you were with, how you were feeling that day, or simply the overall experience of that event. I guess it depends what items are kept in order to determine whether one can think of the item as precious or trash. However, I think it is look at an item and hear the story behind it. It is like you are physically holding a memory. That object could of experienced an awful tragedy or an exciting music festival.
  4. I don’t think there is a difference between the art that is seen by many people and art that is seen by a few. Art projects that are in museums and the ACP are actually quite similar. The artists find personal and meaningful objects or experiences and creates an art piece from that inspiration.  With the time taken to choose and create the art piece, the artist finds meaning with a story behind it. The artists see the ending art work as a masterpiece and shares that with other individuals whether it be 100 people or 3 people.
  5. The time and effort to make and send someone an ACP makes it more meaningful rather than taking a Snapchat and sending that. Using Snapchat is definitely more convenient to use especially if you are sending a picture to someone across the globe. However, with making an ACP, the anticipation of waiting to receive a package is exciting. I know I get excited when I order something online and wait for it to come in the mail. To think someone put the time and effort to save memorabilia and make a package based on what he or she wanted to send is like receiving a birthday gift. You don’t know what you will receive, but you feel happy to open and see what you got. To look through all the items and memories is quite wonderful.
  6. I don’t think you can prepare a meal with love as fast as you can get food at a McDonald’s drive-thru. When you prepare a meal with love, you put all you time and effort into creating the best meal possible. Depending on who you are serving, you think of all the food that they like and dislike to make sure that they enjoy every bite of their meal. In a fast food chain, the servers don’t think about what they are preparing. As long as the food gets done fast enough, the employee serves the customer whatever food there is. An ACP has the possibility of containing a sort of “love”different from a Snapchat. An ACP requires more effort. You have to save items, look for them, and choose which is the best ones to send. On top of that, you have to mail the package and pay for that while the Snapchat app is free. I think an ACP is more thoughtful just like preparing a meal with love.



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