Wk 5 – Art Experience- Automatic Drawing


My brother and I didn’t know exactly how the process was going to be, and it was a little funny trying to create something together. After my brother and I did the drawing I wasn’t sure what to think of it. I wondered how artists can scribble lines and designs on a paper and create a far more complex and detailed image. However, I figured i shouldn’t stress myself too much over it and just let my imagination and hand do all the work. I used Daiso’s oil crayons to go over the lines, add designs, and color in a few spaces. The more I continued to decorate the amorphous lines, the more I liked my art work. Once I was finished, the drawing looked care free and playful, which is how I felt during the project. It was fun to just color the lines and spaces like a coloring book. To add, this project reminded of doodles I would make on the side of my notes. In the end, I enjoyed my overall art experience and will probably do it again as stress relief, for it was really fun and therapeutic for me.


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