Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Amy Williams



By Amy Williams

Seashells attached to rope hanging from ceiling

Approximately 40x24x15


CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

The Nemeton

Within the deep forest, there lives a great old tree, the Nemeton. The tree that is said to house tiny magical creatures. From the tree, vines stream down while small pod-like structures and shells follow down the vines. These pod-like structures are the homes for the Wildflowers whereas the shells are called the Capsules. The Capsules are where the work the Wildflowers thrive. These fairies roam the cities all day and all night long searching for souls of the dead. They search for all souls of various emotions such as happiness, sadness, etc. The Wildflowers take those souls and bring it back to the Capsules where the souls are reincarnated. The fairies perform various rituals in order to heal the souls and prepare them for their new destination. They try to find the perfect home for the soul. During the journey, the fairy must be extremely careful not to drop the soul. If they do, the fairy must find it or else there are dire consequences for the fairy. Once the souls are in a capsule after a few days, the Wildflowers brings those souls and fills them into new bodies whether it be a human or other animal.

In 1998, there lived the Marina and Lani Jewels, sisters who are going through the training of being a Wildflower. When they were little kids, Marina and Lani lost their mother due to a dropping of a soul. Their mother was stripped away of her powers and exiled to an unknown location. Thus, Marina and Lani have been trained to be Wildflowers at an early age.

One day, Marina went on her mission to pick up her scheduled soul. “This isn’t so bad. I can do this,”  Marina says. She grabs on tight to the soul easily and secures it in her messenger bag. On her way back to the capsule, Marina was stopped by her sister, Lani.

“You need to help me! I dropped my soul. I dropped it. They are going to take my magic away! Or exile me from the Nemeton,” exclaimed Lani. She continues to stress and break down in front of Marina. Lani is the youngest of the two sisters.

“Okay, Lani please relax. What happened?” asks Marina.

“This soul was not so easy to handle. It actually fought me, and I dropped it! I am going to end up like mom!”

Marina tried her best to calm down Lani; however, the reality of it was true. The rulers of the Nemeton will know about the accident ad punish Lani. Marina and Lani both did not want to go through the pain their mother experienced.

Thus, Marina and Lani devised a plan to freely escape from the Nemeton. They wanted no more to be Wildflower. Marina wanted Lani and her to be safe and as far away from the Nemeton as much as possible. To help achieve that goal, the sisters visited the Spirit Lady.

The Spirit Lady instantly knew what the problem Marina and Lani were facing without them having to tell her a word. Her cure was simple: remove their magic. Marina and Lani were scared and did not know the right thing to do. After contemplating for the best decision, Lani asserts, “I do not want us to be separated, Marina. I got us in this mess. Let’s do it and get out of here please.”

Hesitatingly, Marina agrees with Lani. The Spirit Lady works her magic and extracts every bit of powers the sisters had. However, what the Spirit Lady did not tell them was where they were to be sent.

With loud sirens, birds, and the ocean waves crashing against the shore, Marina and Lani found themselves in a a quite mysterious place completely different than the Nemeton.

“Where are we? Why does everyone and everything look so different? Lani? ” questions Marina.

“These are humans. We are human.” Lani explains. “Let’s ask someone to help us out.”

Marina taps the shoulder of a stranger to ask for help. Once the lady turns around, the sisters are in shock.

“Mom?” the sisters say in harmony.


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