Wk 8 – Art Experience – Finger Painting

51169136480__C41E7C8C-2224-419B-AC95-756A19D2E3FE.JPG.jpeg IMG_9136.JPG.jpeg

After a stressful day at work, I came home to do my art project of the week. I was pretty excited for this art experience since I thought it was easy. I thought wrong. Trying to create a figure was pretty hard to do. For example, I tried to draw a tree, but that did not work out. I was able to make hearts though! I used blue, yellow, and red, but I totally forgot that the colors can mix! So I was able to get green and almost purple. In addition, it was hard to get a single color anywhere since my hands were mixed with the colors already. Making the art project with no subject did feel liberating because I could choose what I felt like doing. However, once I struggled making a subject, I was a little confused on what I could do. Eventually, I just made hearts and random marks, but I enjoyed the finger painting. It was therapeutic and fun for me. Compared to other paintings I have seen, mine looks like it could hang up on the art wall of a first grade classroom. Other artists finger paintings look so intricate and appealing, but I feel like mine is just scribbles.  However, I am content with my finger painting. I still have left over paint tubes, so I will most likely do this project again on my own time!


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