Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in CSULB Japanese Garden


Here are some of my sketches of the Japanese Garden! This art activity was very relaxing for me. The Japanese Garden is such a peaceful place to sit, look around, and do some sketches! The activity was kind of hard especially since we can’t go back and erase any mistakes. Also, I am not the best at art so my sketches do not look that good in the first place, but it is good to try anyways. I found the contour drawings challenging to do, or maybe my hand eye coordination is just bad. I enjoyed the abstract drawings the most because it is ambiguous. You can make the art in any shape or style you want, but it will still resembles the original subject. Representational was also hard, but still doable. Although I do not have the greatest art skills, I still enjoyed this activity. It’s a good practice if you do want to become a better sketch artist. You got to start somewhere!


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