Wk 15 – Art Experience – Design Thinking Applied to Life

  1. My current goal is to work as a Registered Nurse in a hospital.
    1. Currently, I am a first year Pre-Nursing student. I’m still doing my general education as well as the prerequisites needed to apply to the Nursing program. I will need to take the TEAS exam and get high scores in the math and English portions. I will volunteer at my local hospital. I will go through the Nursing program. Then, I will get a job at nursing home to start. I will then get married, have a family, and get a house to live in. After, I will transfer to a hospital to work at.
    2. Ratings:
      1. Confidence: 6
      2. Resources: 9
      3. Impact: 9
      4. Satisfaction: 10
    3. Rapid Prototype
      1. Interview: I interviewed my friend who is currently in the Nursing program at CSUF. I asked her all the steps she did in order to get accepted into the program. She got all A’s in her science classes, worked as a CNA for a while, and even did an internship at her local hospital. She told me all the stories about her clinicals and nursing classes. She needs to manage her time very efficiently now. Her sleeping schedule is not the best, but she is getting through the program!
      2. Practice: I will be volunteering at my local hospital for the summer! I will volunteer in one of the Nursing units so I will be able to see what they actually do in their daily jobs as well as ask any questions I may have about their careers.
  2. If I was financially secure, I will be traveling the world, attending as many concerts as possible, and trying out all new food places while vlogging my everyday life.
    1. Get a job. I would save up as much money as I can. Then plan trips every summer. Buy tickets for concerts and music festivals that come. Try new food places every other weekend. Vlog about my daily activities or special events.
    2. Ratings:
      1. Confidence: 10
      2. Resources: 8
      3. Impact: 8
      4. Satisfaction: 10
    3. Rapid Prototyping:
      1. Interview: We got to speak with Chantae Reden in class this week, and she is basically living my dream. She gets to travel the world and blogs about it (I would want to make vlogs instead though). She talked about her life and how she lives and it was very intriguing and inspiring! She has a very brave and adventurous soul.
      2. Practice: I can start making small vlogs now once summer comes.
  3. I will open my open food shop. Not sure what kind of food, but probably an ice cream or boba shop.
    1. Get a degree in business. Get a job and save up money. Learn how to run an ice cream shop or boba shop. Find out the best flavors to make. Look for the best quality products to use. Pay lease for an empty building space. Order all the necessary food, machines, and equipments. Interview possible employees. Hire and train them. Open the shop!
    2. Ratings:
      1. Confidence: 6
      2. Resources: 5
      3. Impact: 5
      4. Satisfaction: 8
    3. Rapid Prototyping:
      1. Interview: I interviewed my uncle about the entrepreneur life because he had his own bakery years ago. He told me all the payments he had to make, the hours and dedication put into keeping the store running, and other duties. He told me about his life with the bakery versus without the bakery. Without the bakery, he is a lot less stress, however, he does miss baking goods for the people.

Overall, the possible paths we may take in our lives are endless. We all make certain decisions about what our goals are in life, but our minds and circumstances are quick to change at any given moment. It is always good to have back up plans. However, we still must plan accordingly to get those plans accomplished. There are many necessities needed if we truly want to reach our goal. There must be motivation, financial stability, and connections. It is sad to see someone miss out on an opportunity because they could not afford it or for whatever reason for that matter. We are all entitled to dreaming the biggest dreams, but the means of getting there is a challenge for almost everyone. College has still so much to teach me, who knows if I want the same things in a few months of years. Only time will tell, but I will do whatever it takes to get to where I want to be.


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