Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Grace Cha


The last classmate conversation!! Since this is the last one, I decided to do my conversation with Grace Cha. Although we already know each other, I just wanted to have my last classmate conversation with her because she was my first classmate conversation! We talked about how much we have grown as friends over this semester and how it will suck not having any classes next semester. We both did not know each other going into this class, but thanks to the classmate conversations, Grace and I have gotten the chance to get to know each other a lot better, which I am thankful for! She has made this art class a whole lot better because I did not know anyone in this class to begin with. It was nice having Grace in this class, since we are both shy. However, we ended up getting along so well and become so much more comfortable with each other! To add, we have the same gap before the class, so we would spend that time together as well. Who would have known we would be such good friends! If I didn’t meet her the first day of classmate conversations, I might of not have had a made a good friend at all. So in honor of classmate conversations, I would like to say that this activity is one of the best activities because I made a great friend.

Grace’s blog: https://graceblog21.wordpress.com/blog/


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